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    CS5 Bridge ... Not Enough Storage is available to complete this operation

    c141 flyboy

      Since installing CS5 (Windows XP sp3, w/ 3gb ram) and trying to use Bridge I get this command after about 10 minutes of use...especially if I try to drag a thumbnail image from the film strip at the bottom of the screen to another folder location.  Periodically, Bridge will just freeze up for a minute or so as well before I can do anything.   I have TONS of free (and fast) disk space ... so I think this message must be referring to RAM memory.


      The only solution is bring up the task manager and close Bridge.... effectively Bridge is quite useless to me when it operates this way.  I thought I'd give it a try in CS5 but whatever is behind this seems to have been a problem for a long time.






      I do have about 500,000 images for it to work with and figure that must have something to do with it...but apps like Picassa handle that many with no trouble.   Any fixes?