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    What editing technique was used in this clip (CS4, CS5)

    Photoscout Level 1

      At 1:05-1:13 minutes in the YouTube clip below, a windsurfer comes off the water and the edit has the rider’s image freeze multiple times as he moves across the frame.


      What technique is this called? I would like to do that myself but don’t know how. I’m a new user of Pro CS5.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Just overlays and freeze frame.

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            MA MOHR



            I don't know what it's called and I assume you are refering to freeze/strobe effect in the video. I don't know if you can do this with Premiere only. The way I would go about it is to decide at what points in your clip you would like the freeze then exprt each of those as a TGA, JPEG or PNG. Open those up in Photoshop and blast out/erase, whatever you don't want. Save those off as a Photoshop file then bring them into Premiere. If you don't have any background you you import them as a merged file or you can just import the layer if you have a background. Put each one pnto its own layer starting at the popint of capture and extend it for the length of the clip. It looks like at the beginning of each one the brightness was pushed up to the max and then brought down to the normal level very quickly. You can do this by key framing the brighness. This is the way I would go about it, there's probably much more effect experienced users out there that may know a faster way. -- have fun editing.

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