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    Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)

    Mary Bernard Level 1

      A typical workflow for me is to open 4-5 raw files (.dngs)  in Camera Raw from Bridge, edit them, save them as tiffs, return to Bridge, and move the raw files to a sub-folder. My problem usually arises when I try  to move the raw files. Bridge moves them, but at the same time it crashes. I can move 1 file at a time without crashing, but not 2 or more.


      I hoped CS5 would solve this problem, but it hasn’t. I've trashed my prefs, several times. I've purged the cache, several times. I've changed my openGL settings in Photoshop to Basic. Each thing I try works for a short time (meaning that for about an hour I can move 2 .dngs at  a time into subfolders after editing/saving in Camera Raw). Then it stops working, and I’m back to repeated crashes.


      I’m running Photoshop CS5 x64 in Windows 7, with 12 GB of Ram, an i7 quad-core processor, and an ATI Radeon 4870 graphics card. Photoshop CS4, and now CS5, work like a dream; and so does Camera Raw. I know Bridge can’t see most of that RAM, but I'd really like it to work for me as well as it did in CS3, on a much older, slower machine.


      Is this a problem other people have had? I haven’t been able to find much about it in the forums or Google, only a solution involving an nVidia graphics card, which I don't have. Oh - I've got the latest drivers for my graphics card, etc.



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          Yammer Level 4

          What do you mean by "crashes"? Freeze/hang, blue screen, error message, program exits? Are there any messages?

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            Mary Bernard Level 1

            I get a window that says:


            Adobe Bridge CS5 has stopped working

            A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.


            Bridge goes pale;   I click 'Close the program', and then restart Bridge. It always restarts.  There are often about 3 bridge icons showing in the sys tray when I do the forced close, even though I had only opened one window. When I mouse over them, they vanish.



            In Windows Applications Log in Event Viewer, I get:


              Faulting application name: Bridge.exe, version:,

            time stamp: 0x4b963c03

            Faulting module name: unknown, version:,

            time stamp: 0x00000000

            Exception code: 0xc0000005

            Fault offset: 0x6f600072

            Faulting process id: 0x1b3c

            Faulting application start time: 0x01cafab47b375d5f

            Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Bridge CS5\Bridge.exe

            Faulting module path: unknown

            Report Id: 6aca1fc1-66a8-11df-b030-002354f2c8c0


            Only the app start time and the report ID vary.  Unfortunately, I know enough about Windows to open the Event Viewer, but not enough to interpret or act on what I see.



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              Curt Y Level 7

              I don't know if Bridge uses the 12 gigs of RAM or HD to make the move of Raw files.  If it uses the HD perhaps it can not find enough contiguous space to move 3 files at once.  You may have enough free space, it is just fragmented.  In all your efforts have you tried to defrag and check on availalbe space?  Close programs and delte temp files with some utility first before defragging..


              Also, check the PS scratch file, as if computer has been crashing there may be huge temp files there.  They are supposed to be deleted by PS on startup, but not always the case.

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                Yammer Level 4

                You're getting an Access Violation error, which can happen in a number of situations. I doubt it's anything to do with Bridge; it's more likely a symptom that something is wrong with your system.


                Here's a few things to check: anti-virus software, free space, remove temporary files, check disks for faults, update operating system and device drivers. It's also worth looking at what other processes are running, as they may be interefering with Bridge's file operations. If your system is unstable, you can test it with software like Prime95, and rule out any hardware problems too.

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                  Mary Bernard Level 1

                  Curt, Yammer  I've been a while getting back about this, because your responses gave me several jobs to do.   To answer your suggestions first:  -- I have 75 GB free on drive C, where Bridge is, and it's never more than 1% fragmented: I defrag all 5 drives automatically every week, and delete temp files on all of them.  -- The PS scratch file is a dedicated 300 GB drive, also completely defragmented, and with 275 GB free.  -- My OS and device drivers are almost always up to date or nearly so.  -- I've checked other running processes, and run Bridge with everything turned off that can be turned off: no difference.  -- Since I got your posts, my computer guru has spent several hours checking my system, including stress-testing the memory and CPU.   -- My system isn't unstable: Bridge is the only program giving me problems. It doesn't cause the computer to crash; Bridge just abruptly closes with the error message I reported. If I immediately open it again, it works normally - until I try to drag/drop a file to another folder.  -- However, though my machine has a clean bill of health, the problem may be some interaction between Bridge and Windows 7, or with my particular system, because I can't reproduce the problem on my laptop, where the Bridge installation and customizations are identical, but running under 32-bit XP SP2.  I re-tested Bridge after today's update; the problem remains. I've sent a bug report to Adobe.  Thank you both for focussing my attention on the things I needed to check out before sending a bug report.  Mary

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                    I just started having the same crashing  problem when I drag or copy/paste a photo between folders in bridge.  I am using windows 7 and CS5.  I previously had CS3 and bridge would occassionally crash but I can't remember the exact circumstances. I never upgraded to CS4.   I just uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop and that didn't help.  I somehow think it may have something to do with Topaz detail2 plugin, even though its only used in PS and not bridge. Uninstalling that is the next thing I will try.    I never had a problem with bridge in CS2 or CS3 until I started using Topaz plugins.  Any other suggestions?


                    Problem signature:


                    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

                    Application Name: Bridge.exe

                    Application Version:

                    Application Timestamp: 4bff9363

                    Fault Module Name: StackHash_0a9e

                    Fault Module Version:

                    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000

                    Exception Code: c0000005

                    Exception Offset: 32726568

                    OS Version: 6.1.7600.

                    Locale ID: 1033

                    Additional Information 1: 0a9e

                    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

                    Additional Information 3: 0a9e

                    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

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                      Curt Y Level 7

                      It could be video card or driver also.  Make sure drive is updated.


                      What video card are you using?

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                        photolady100 Level 1

                        My husband took a look for the correct  nvidia update and installed it.  It made

                        not difference.  I tried to get the 4.0.2 update  from Adobe and got an error message.  Going thru PS it said all my apps were current.  No updates needed.  Any other suggestions?

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                          Curt Y Level 7

                          It is most likely a underpowered video card, software conflict

                          not enough ram, too small of a page file, insufficient cache space, fragmented hard drive, or some combination of those.


                          I am afraid I can not read the crash report either.


                          It is suspicious that you say the crashes started when you installed Topaz detail2 plugin.

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                            photolady100 Level 1

                            I have a relativly new video card that supports 2 monitors, 8 gig of ram, 1/2 tb hard drive, an unfragmented h/d  etc.  My husband is an engineer formerly of Bell Labs where he was the technical lead for At&Ts suitcase size computer- no such things as laptops in those days.  He is an electronics engineer with a Ph.D.  My computer has it set as it should to work with PS and large files. I have uninstalled Topaz Detail tried Bridge with the same effect and reinstalled after downloading a new file from them. Topaz says they addressed all of the issues with CS5 and 64 bit.  It seems that in bridge copy and paste, dragging to a file to a new location and right click and copy to all make bridge crash (gray out screen and note it has stopped working). It does move or copy and paste the file b/4 crashing and Bridge reopens fine.  I also get the little bridge icons in the tray and mousing over them removes them. That just started yesterday.  I have all of the CS5 updates installed.  I even uninstalled CS3 just in case there was conflict there. I have no issues with other applications on my computer.  So now what?  Thanks!

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                              Curt Y Level 7

                              Does it crash if you choose "move file" rather than dragging it?  It may be someting in the OS that casuses the problem.  Just sounds like a memory, hd, or page file problem.


                              Do you have your computer loaded up with temp files?


                              You could try to reset preferences by pressing and holding the Ctrl key while starting Bridge.  You should get a reset window, choose all 3 options.

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                                The Peoples Poet Level 1

                                I havn't read all the post reply's so sorry if this is a repeat.


                                im run win7 64bit pc 6gig ram...

                                also CS5 and most of the topaz plugins.

                                no crashing my end.

                                i would disregard your concerns with bridge crashing and the topaz element to your issues

                                as topaz isnt part of the bridge application.

                                bridge is effectively a piece of software sepereate from the photoshop software which is running your topaz plugin.


                                im no fan of bridge, though i have to say most of my issues were resolved after the bridge update released recently.

                                not sure whether you have upgraded bridge yet...

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                                  photolady100 Level 1


                                  Yes, move file also crashed bridge.  But resetting the bridge preferences did that Trick!!!   I will be forever grateful for your help.  I use move and copy photos all the time in Bridge and workflow was awful without it.

                                  Thanks again,


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                                    photolady100 Level 1

                                    I couldn't see how the plugin would affect it either, but on several occassions bridge would crash just after I used topaz detail in PS.  Please see my last post to Curt, the problem is resolved.  Thanks for your input.

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                                      bicycle-bastian Level 1

                                      Hi Mary and colleges!

                                      Have you found a solution !?

                                      For me it´s the same: a brand new win7 x64 notebook and bridge (without any plugins or stuff) crashes or stucks doesn´t matter what I do: takes 2 min for the last piece of accion moving 40 lousy 800 kbit jpegs from one local folder to the next. Tells me in the status bar "no reaccion" if I dare to click during this status onto bridge, the screen turns whitish (transparent"), if I want to quit bridge the bridge-intern "want to end the prozess?!" pop up comes (dialogue boxes more or less well translated guys, this problems takes place in Germany, but our forum is weaker than yours) and than I can force-quit it.

                                      I de-installed anything the whole standart edition cs 5 suite and reinstalled. I got the newest updates, no change... It´s impossible to work, and I need so much to work with brigde. Why didn´t I buy a mac instead, To late now I got a 4 gb  Ati HD 5730 1gb Graphic card equipped laptop with enough drive space and resources. I have no special no special preferences. only that the cache lies on d) with allowance to export the cache to folders, because in the beginning I remember having had problems with a collection of 18000 CR2 files. But no bridge isn´t even allowing me to work with 50 files all smaller than 300 mb. Too bad. Any idea !?


                                      Thanks, Sebastian from cold Germany (global warming is bringing more colths to us)

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                                        i am having the same issue im running cs5 on a windows 7 64 bit , one thing i noticed is if i move a file into a folder thats in the same window it doesnt crash but if i move a file into the favorites window and drop it in there it will crash , i dunno ya pay all this money and expect it to work

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                                          photolady100 Level 1

                                          Also to Bicycle Bastian,


                                          Curt suggested this and it worked for me.



                                          You could try to reset preferences by pressing and holding the Ctrl key  while starting Bridge.  You should get a reset window, choose all 3  options.


                                          He reply is about 5 replies above at this time.

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                                            photolady100 Level 1

                                            Curt suggested this and it  worked for me.



                                            You could try to reset  preferences by pressing and holding the Ctrl key  while starting Bridge.  You should get a reset window, choose all 3  options.


                                            He reply is about 4-5 replies above at this  time.

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                                              IanScicluna Level 1

                                              <<But resetting the bridge preferences did that Trick!!!>>


                                              I've tried everything to get rid of this problem, so I said to myself "might aswell reset the bridge preferences; it might 'do the trick' for me too."

                                              How wrong I was!  It worked for all of 4 moves between folders, then back to crashing every time that I try to move or copy images from one folder to another.  All updates are installed as at today.


                                              Why can't Adobe admit that Bridge CS5 is broken?  Bridge CS4 never had any problems moving files on the self-same Windows 7 PC.  So why?

                                              Everything else in Photoshop works as it should.  Like someone said, I was never a great fan of Bridge, but I cannot do without a browser.

                                              If you can't give us a decent one please omit it altogether from Photoshop, cut the price, and let us buy a decent app to replace it.  Or go back to the drawing board with Bridge.  ASAP!



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                                                For all interested parties:


                                                I had exactly the same problems with Bridge crashing (Microsoft message "this application has to quite") on drag'n'drop or move/copy files from one Bridge CS5 folder to another.   I also got  the three "ghost" Bridge icons in the Windows system tray exactly as reported by the original author of this issue.  I'm using a 32bit SP machine with lots of disk, ram, good graphics card, drivers updated, etc.


                                                Hooray!  This troublesome problem was MAGICALLY SOLVED by following the advice of a wise forum contributor to reset Bridge preferences by starting Bridge with the cntrl key down, and checking all popup boxes.  Many thanks and eternal gratefulness!  I hope this goes into the official Adobe troubleshooting FAQ, as it was obviously difficult for several folks to track down.



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                                                  IanScicluna Level 1

                                                  Glad it worked for your Robert.


                                                  But will someone give a solution to those who are still having the same problem after having tried ALL the suggestions here?  Please?


                                                  And another thing... why does the cursor not show when writing on this forum?



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                                                    roberwilk Level 1



                                                    I hope you have found a solution to the crashing Bridge by now.  For me, the problem emerged again after I had fixed it a while back with the preferences reset.  Once I recalled that solution, I did it again.  Presto once again.


                                                    It's troubling, though, that Adobe would let this problem persist, possibly for lots of users regardless of what Windows platform they're on, or what video card they have. The phenomenal architects and programmers at Adobe who can bring us features like the content_aware stuff surely could work through this problem and issue an update.



                                                    • 24. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)
                                                      IanScicluna Level 1



                                                      No, I have not found a solution.  My Bridge crashes as soon as I even hint at moving a file or folder by dragging.  I have given up!

                                                      I can't just keep resetting the preferences, even if it did work for more than a few hours.  I envy those who can use Bridge without

                                                      problems.  The only times I try to move/copy files is after some update, but there have been none so far that have cured the problem

                                                      for me.  I am obliged to use a handicapped piece of software, working around this deficiency as best I can.


                                                      I just don't swallow the suggestion that something is awry on my system.  Every single program that I have installed (including of course

                                                      Photoshop itself) works perfectly, every time.  So why Bridge?  There, you got me started again


                                                      Stay well,


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                                                        dan nieto 1985 Level 1

                                                        I dont think its Topaz. When i bought my new laptop and installed CS4, Bridge

                                                        crashed after a while like it always does.

                                                        Only my anti-virus was the only other program installed.

                                                        • 26. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)

                                                          I too had this issue with Bridge CS4 & CS5 in Mac OSX, Leopard & Snow Leopard.


                                                          But resetting the bridge preferences did that Trick!!!


                                                          Hold down "Option" on mac when starting Bridge. (CNTRL on Windows)


                                                          Thanks everyone.

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                                                            gbrmk Level 1

                                                            Just read the queston and all replies after googling the problem.  I've just uninstalled CS3 and upgraded to CS5 Photoshop.  I'm getting exactly the same probls as noted -- on trying to move or copy files to a new location with Bridge, and this never happened with the previous version.  I'm using Vista, 32 bit, but I also have a laptop 64 bit W7 and I've not tried CS 5 on it yet.


                                                            I don't have anything like the techie knowledge most of you guys have  but like some here, I urge Adobe to work on this asap!   So far I'm doing a cumbersome work-around, ridiculous -- to avoid the crash, instead of moving files, I open them in P'shop and save them in the new location.  If I had a huge workload of course this would be an impossible non-solution, but it's OK at the moment because i'm not doing big shoots.


                                                            But it's exasperating and a great shame, because P'shop CS5 is so terrific.  I'll keep watching here in case someone comes up with a solution.  Thanks for the discussion.


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                                                              bicycle-bastian Level 1

                                                              yeah, it's quite a shame. Even after the fourth update (on behalf of Adobe) the problems stays the same..one better workaround: mark the desired photos, ctrl/appel C(opy) them and then paste them via Windows Explorer (oy "My documents" or whatever) or Finder (Mac). Copy in Bridge, paste in the native file hndling software of your operating system..

                                                              • 29. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)
                                                                gbrmk Level 1

                                                                Many thanks b-b, actually I've just been working on the Windows 7 64 bit laptop and transferred up to 10 files varying sizes from a few hundred kb to about 8+ mb without it crashing -- it's early days and I'm waiting to see if it continues to work, but at the moment I'm wondering if it's got anything to do with Vista rather than Bridge as such ...   Anyway, I've just defragged the pc and followed the advice here to start Adobe with Ctrl (although that didn't make a difference).


                                                                I'll keep watching this space



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                                                                  I've had the same problem for a while and have disabled startup scripts, killed the Switchboard, reset prefs, etc. It crashes as soon as I move any files, no matter how small.


                                                                  Running XPPro, SP3, v.3311 and Bridge is current ( on a Dell P4 3.4GHz with 3 GB ram.




                                                                  • 31. all have the same problem - we should bother adobe
                                                                    bicycle-bastian Level 1

                                                                    hi folks,

                                                                    since almost one year by now we`re reading all again and again the same problems. No update eases the pain. Maybe we should start to bother Adobe by coordinated Email-Resquests ?! Or does anybody have another idea how to make them clear that they should take this bug serious ?!

                                                                    Thanks, Sebastian

                                                                    • 32. Re: all have the same problem - we should bother adobe
                                                                      Curt Y Level 7

                                                                      Have re-read some of this long thread.  Even though it has been recommended by Adobe that one should right click and choose "move to" or "copy to" I still see a lot of effort to drag and drop.


                                                                      I also see some users find relief after a reset of preferences, only to go back to the crash mode after a few moves.  As mentioned earlier I feel this could be a memory problem, or inadequate Page File (google this if unsure what it means).


                                                                      For Adobe to fix a problem it must be reproduced in their lab.  I don't see any effort in this thread that this is happening.  Those with problems should be looking at their crash reports and see it there is any common thread among you that Adobe can work on.  They visit this site occasionally and may pick up on the problem if it can be narrowed down.


                                                                      Hope this helps, I know it must be very annoying when it does not work as advertised.


                                                                      Message was edited by: Curt Y  Have you tried increasing the cache file size in both the general cache and Camera Raw cache preferences?

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                                                                        Xiaofeng Zhao Level 1

                                                                        Bridge team investigated this issue for quite some time and we found one bug in the program which may be the cause. Please try the following steps and see if it remedies the issue.


                                                                        1. Check if the Collections Panel is opened in your workspace. If not, open it.

                                                                        2. Check if there is at least one node in the Collections Panel. If not, create one collection.

                                                                        3. Leave the Collections Panel open and try the CopyTo/MoveTo operation.


                                                                        If there is no crash happened after these steps, you've hit by the bug we found. Otherwise, it might be another story. The bug should only appear on CS5 not on CS4, and it appears on both Windows and Mac. This bug will be fixed in future releases, but currently there is no plan to release a new dot release for CS5. We will have a discussion internally and decide whether there will be one. Before that, please take the above steps as a workaround. Sorry for the inconvenience.

                                                                        • 34. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)
                                                                          DenThomp54 Level 1

                                                                          I tried those steps and it worked.  I was able to move a couple of files several times by right clicking and move to.  I then closed the Collections panel and tried again and it still worked.  Closed & restarted Bridge and moved a couple of files and Bridge crashed.  Restarted Bridge, opened Collections panel and it worked again.  By that it seems to work if you've opened the Collections panel during the session.  I'm going to leave the Collections panel in my workspace.


                                                                          Thank you for coming up with a solution .



                                                                          • 35. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)
                                                                            gbrmk Level 1

                                                                            Bingo!!   It worked -- both a copy to and a move to, although I've not dared to close the Collections panel yet.  Thanks to you and to all those who replied to my own question as well as to all those who've contributed before I even got CS5 ...


                                                                            • 36. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)
                                                                              bicycle-bastian Level 1

                                                                              no...what a pity..for me not. The main reason why I am working with Bridge is to use collections. So from the beginning I have that panel open and all the time up and well filled with dozens of collections...

                                                                              • 37. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)
                                                                                TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                                Exactly the same crash happens with me. Windows 7 64-bit. I try to drag some files out of Bridge into a folder in Windows Explorer and it crashes. This is with the collection panel open, and with an actual collection.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)

                                                                                  I tried this fix and it seems to be working.Somewhat strange though because, contrary to the findings of the Bridge team, I had a similar problem with Bridge CS4.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Bridge CS5 crashes repeatedly (CS4 did too)
                                                                                    mikkijc Level 1


                                                                                    Resetting Bridge by pressing and holding down CTRL then checking off all three options did the trick and Bridge is no longer crashing.  However....this wiped out all my Key Words.  This isn't a solution for the long term if Bridge is going to have to be reset periodically.  I can reset the work flow but there were thousands of pictures who had key words attached to them.

                                                                                    I have Light Room 4.  I do not know how to use it but are there these crashing problems with LR?  If LR doesn't crash then I will learn to use and switch over.   Comments.

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