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    Offline Website - Local Files

    Robert Simpkin


      I am currently doing a DiDA course for which I need to produce a promotional website. It will never be uploaded to the internet, just put on a memory stick and sent off to the moderators. One of the requirements is to have a link to download a Podcast I have made. In Dreamweaver this is easy, but in Flash Catalyst it doesn't seem it is. Does anyone have any idea as to how I could link to the podcast so that it plays/downloads it when clicked?


      Thank You


      Robert Simpkin

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Robert,


          To simply play the podcast audio, you can create a simple action in Catalyst: create a button that plays an Action Sequence, then add a Sound Effect action, and link it to an .mp3 asset.  Or you can build a richer "podcast player" control using this imageless-video trick.


          It will be a little trickier if you want a link that lets the user download/save the raw .mp3 file to a different location.  To do that, you will probably need to bring the project into Flash Builder and write a little bit of code.  We can give you a few pointers if you want to go that route.


          - Peter