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    Flash CS5 can't save CS4 files


      I keep a copy of CS3 around just so I can be productive... CS4 takes 10 to 20 seconds between timeline edits for the screen to un-freeze.

      I had hoped CS5 would resolve this because I would like to and need to use the Flash Player 10 classes... But NO!, it is completely useless in a production environment because you can't even save your work without jumping through hoops!!!  I work with aproximatly 20 designers and we have thousands of CS3 files that get updated in over 40 live sites. This product is not ready and it is very disappointing that Adobe would release it like this. The only way I can save any of these files is to save as a CS4.


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          nrajbhan Level 3

          Hi Greg,


          Thanks for emailing me your FLA file so we could investigate.  It looks like one of your assets is corrupted.  This file crashes even in Flash CS4 when I drag sparks.jpg to the stage.


          Flash CS5 crashes more quickly because it tries to validate this asset on save but can't because that asset is corrupted.  If you remove sparks.jpg from the library, you can save the file in Flash CS5.




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            gregbown Level 1

            Thank you Nivesh!  I apologize for jumping to conclusions when I found similar posts describing crashes when saving.  I am now able to save the file and be productive. I was also impressed by how quickly and professionally the issue was resolved.  Adobe and Flash CS5 is awesome!


            Thanks again