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    Noob to web design. Rollover issue.

    jon Chamberlin



      I have a Macbook (Uni) running 10.6. I've been designing for one week. Primarily it's been in Photoshop CS5 (I'm very visual and PS's visual nature compliments that). Naturally I will be getting into Dreamweaver CS5 and eventually migrate to Fireworks and Illustrator (also CS5).


      For my first project I plan to redesign my father's business site (cei-controls.com). Yeah, it sucks and I hope to give it an updated look and feel.


      So my plan is to highlight the three areas of his business - PLC, Electrical design and Electrical contracting. These will be represented by three images in the main body of the site. Below this main section is blank. When a visitor mouses over the 1/3 section, where the image resides, that section should go grey. At the same time, the blank area will now show a horizontal list of companies my father has done work for, along with their logo (Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Sherwin Williams, etc). Below each image is a button for each section (PLC, ELectrical Design, etc). When clicked, these will link to a secondary page with more information.


      My two questions are: should I design everything in PS (I'm finished with the header and menu), slice it up and merge into DW. DW then turns images into working code, from there I can publish a completed website to the web. In other words - based on what I plan to do, is DW capable of finishing the site? Or do I need to bring in something else to complete it?


      Secondly, what am I doing specifically? I'm looking for technical jargon I can search in Google if need be.


      Any other advice or insights into roadblocks I may come across is appreciated.