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    Error finding class sqlserver 2008 R2


      Hello, when I access my java class through the BlazeDS is falling because the catch is not finding the class of SqlServer 2008 R2 ...
      But I add it to the libs directory of my project files and sqljdbc.jar sqljdbc4.jar, but still keeps giving error ...

      What do I need to install this class in my project?

      My connection class:


      package br.com.ricardo.bancojavaflexblazeds;


      import java.sql.*;


      import javax.swing.JOptionPane;


      public class ServicoJavaPessoa {


      public void listar_pessoas(){


      String driver = "com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver";

      String url = "jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://localhost:1433;DatabaseName=flex";

      String usuario = "Ricardo-PC\\Ricardo";

      String senha = "";

      Connection conexao;

      Statement statement;

      ResultSet resultset;





      conexao = DriverManager.getConnection(url, usuario, senha);

      JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Conexão efetuada com sucesso!");


      catch(ClassNotFoundException Driver)


      JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Classe do banco de dados não encontrada "+Driver);


      catch(SQLException Banco)


      JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "Erro ao manipular o banco de dados "+Banco);