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    Two Issues with CS5


      These may not be issues at all...it may be me. Although I once considered myself a pro at coding in Flash, I stopped using the product in 2004. I had to pick Flash up again this week because of new video streaming work. I'm using Actionscript 3.


      The first issue I noticed is that for some reason all my coding in Flash started appearing in Russian. I'm fairly certain it was Russian--as I did study it in a college long, long ago and far, far away. This persisted throughout the Flash workspace. When, for example, I tried to rename an instance in the properties box everything came out in Russian. I tried keying on other programs open in other windows, but everything came out in English. I checked to ensure I hadn't erroneously selected a Russian font, but everything appeared fine. I shut down Flash CS5 and then restarted it and all keyboarding came out in English again. Go figure.


      Second, my debug sessions are jamming and I get a response "...failed to connect to debugger..." When I exit Flash and restart I can then launch the debugger. Go figure again...