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    Scale to frame size Premiere to AE behaviour?

    G_W Level 1

      If you use the "scale to frame size" option on a clip in Premiere (CS5) and then copy and paste that clip into AE, for some reason the clip gets pre-composed. This also happened in CS4 but it totally screwed with the timing of the clip and was unusable. In CS5 they have fixed the timing issue but the clip still gets pre-composed.


      When importing large sequence into AE this gets messy as you end up with twice the amount of elements in the bin. Of coarse you can easily remove the option from all the clips before import but... this is what dynamic link is all about right? The programs talking to each other with minimal intervention from the user.


      Any idea why they pre-compose the clips rather than just scaling to the current project size in AE?


      Oh, and i guess there is a plus to this behaviour if you want all your clips pre-composed. Actually, it could save you a lot of time.