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    compiler arguments for "release build"


      Hi everyone,


      I'm facing a frustating issue with the release build. I am setting up a preloader using this technique: http://www.ghost23.de/2008/04/as3-application-preloading-translated/


      If I set in the additional compiler arguments the line "-frame two MyClass", when I compile the project for debug, it works just as it should and my preloader is working. The problem is that when I export a release build, the MyClass isn't compiled as if the "-frame two MyClass" didn't happened... One thing is sure, the getdefinitionbyname return a 1065 error so my project isn't working since the main app (MyClass) isn't on frame 2.


      The weird thing is that if I compile it for debugging but using the "-debug=false" compiler argument, it works fine too ...


      Anyone has a clue how to export a release build with the same compiler arguments as a debug compilation or any other tip to make this work?


      Thanks a lot.