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    What causes corruption of video when exporting?


      I have a project in Premier Pro 1.5 that plays fine in the program monitor but a stretch of the video gets corrupted when I export it as an AVI file. I'm not sure how to descibe this corruption so I've attached a screen shot of a typical example. It's like when a tv satelite signal weakens because of rain or whatever and you get square pixellated atifacts on the screen. I am an animator, and the video sequences are made from gif files which I export as MOVs and import into PPro for editing. For this sequence I went back to the gif source and re-exported it, etc. The artifacts changed slightly but were still there after exporting from PPro. I've made a lot of movies in this program and never had this problem before. Does anybody have a clue what could be causing it?


      Those red and yellow squares are not supposed to be there!


      PS. I can't try this in PPro CS4 because I can't get that program to export video at all, which is the subject of another thread I have open on this forum, waiting an answer.