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    ACR 6 color artifacting not present in ACR 5

    DaveJDSP Level 1

      Has anyone yet noticed or reported the blotchy color artifacting in 6 (ACR that was not there in 5?


      I have noticed it in clear blue skies (see link below). When doing a conversion of a scenic file using the ACR interface, the skies show to be smooth and almost free from artifacting. But when I open up the actual JPG 12 file that was output, it shows large, magenta tinted, blotchy areas. The problem even exists when I set the color noise reduction to 100.


      The texture of the clear blue skies is finer and more uniform in ACR6 (2010), there is less color bleed at sharp edges and transition, and overall resolution and definition is slightly better. ACR5 yields skies of a courser lumpier texture, and sometimes has areas where the blue bleeds into adjacent areas of a different color. But ACR 5 does not suffer from the magenta blotching that almost looks like faint magenta clouds.


      When I try outputting to 16-bit TIFF (instead of qual 12 JPG), the sky in looks much more like the ACR 5 JPG output -- courser texture but no magenta blotches. When I save the 16-bit TIFF as a JPG12, (in Photoshop CS5), I see faint large blotchy areas of magenta artifacting in the JPG that are not present in the TIFF.


      I have posted 3 files here:  http://stevesucsy.com/ACR/

      They are all in ProPhoto color space.

      DPP-5424.jpg   converted in Canon's DPP     nice smooth sky, very few artifacts

      ACR6-2003_NoBlotch-5424.jpg     using the 2003 process in ACR6 shows less clearly defined color noise that is spread more uniformly than the 2010 version

      ACR6-2010_MagentaBlotch_5424-1.jpg    using the 2010 process shows faint magenta patches or blotches.


      I just thought of something else. Here I tried setting ACR6 (2010) to the Adobe RGB color space (instead of ProPhoto). All the other settings are identical to the file above (with the magenta blotching). But this Adobe RGB file that was output by ACR6 (2010) has no obvious magenta blotching.



      Any comments/observations?
      I hope Adobe will fix this problem, as I far prefer working in and keeping all my general purpose output in ProPhoto color space.