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    Polymorphism and remoting


      Hello everyone. I could not find if this was possible anywhere in the docs


      I have one class called:




      and i have Extented the class with concrete classes:


      BooleanQuestion, MultipleChoiceQuestion, NumericQuestion.


      Is it possible use the "abstract" class Question when Remoting via BlazeDS ?






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          Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3

          There is no such thing as abstract classes in ActionScript.


          Either your classes implement an interface or they extend a superclass.


          If  you use an ActionScript superclass Question, you can map it to its Java counterpart with the [RemoteClass] metadata tag.


          I'm not sure what will happen if you send an abstract class.

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            alejandrorrr Level 1

            Karl, thanks for your reply.


            To be thorough:


            I was able to do remoting using an abstract class on the java (server) side. The problem is that when you use the new Data/Services option  the concrete classes are mapped without extending the abstract class (or "father" class on the AS3 side). So that breaks down the polymorphism.


            As you correctly pointed out, I have hand mapped the classes using [RemoteClass], but in order to use the generated services by the Data/Services Wizard you must modify them, so the hand mapped classes are used instead of the generated Classes (which don't extend the abstract class). This is a major issue since the "refresh" option for the services  is currently not working with BlazeDS Spring Integration/Hibernate.



            Again thank you!