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    Dreamweaver CS5 changing bindings into stored procedures

    Pantyboy Level 1

      I'm playing with the tryout version of CS5 Master Collection and using Dreamweaver I've had a few strange goings on.


      The strangest is its changing my bindings to stored procedures apparently without any reason. All bar two files were created in Dreamweaver CS4 and there is no problem with those. Just the two created in CS5. Any ideas as to why this might be happening?


      While I'm here and on a semi-related note, when I add new recordset to a page, CS5 adds the main part to the top of the page but will place the recordset.close() statement in, what seems to be, a completely random part of the page.


      Also, if a browser window that I have opened using F12 to test a page hangs, and I close that window and then edit the page in DW, it won't let me save a new version to the file because it says it's in use. If I don't create a new file (as I now do as I found out the hard way), if I refresh the files or close, then re-open, DW the file has been deleted. That doesn't bode well if the page hangs on a 'live' server!


      Anyone else had these problems?


      If you did, how'd you cure them?