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    keyframing using track matte isn't following my video clip


      This is hard for me to explain, being I'm a novice here. But I'll do my best. I researched on these forums and others on how to highlight a player in my video clips (making a highlight reel of my sons lax games). i'm using about four different posts/tutorials and I finally got it. I copy the clip, make a title page with my cirle on a black background, dragged track matte onto my clip. I set my keyframes. I know how to do all that. Here's my problem: when I go to view it after I'm all done keyframing, the (highlight) that I made is completely off my player. I deleted it and started over again. Guess what? It did the exact same thing. When the clip plays, the spotlight is above the player and follows, but its off somehow.


      I clicked on the title clip where i have my highlighting cirle. I guess this is the matte portion. I noticed somehting when I look at it in the editing window:  Its smaller than the clips are when they are in the editing window. So I got a ruler and measured the editing window. When I look at the title clip (it's on my video 3 line), the editing window measures 6.5"..When I preview a clip on video one in the window, it's 8.5". What the heck did I do? Why would the size of my editing window change when I'm making a tiltle (or in this case a matte, highlight)?


      I hope there's someone out there that can help me!  I can't imagine what i'm doing wrong.