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    How do I unlock Video 1 and Audio 1 on the Timeline (CS5)

    Photoscout Level 1

      I am new using PrePro so please bear with me.


      When I want to insert a video clip at the beginning of Video 1 on the Timeline, the existing clips and audio stay static so the incoming clip will seat itself at the beginning (over-riding the other) but I would like the other clips to shift to the right, including the audio in Audio 1.


      In Abode’s help section, I read how to unlock the Timeline in part as follows , “…..for example, if you want all the clips to the right of the edit on Video 1 and Audio 1 to shift to the right while leaving all the clips on Audio 2 in place, enable Sync Lock on Video 1 and Audio 1.


      I don’t need to lock Video 2 and/or Audio 2 (as I have nothing there). Just need everything to move to the right when I insert another clip.