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    Flash Builder Start Page cannot detect my Flash installation


      Hi, when i start up Flash Builder, the start page says "The  Flash Builder Start Page requires the Adobe Flash Player. Please use  the  installers in the Flash Builder 4/Player/ folder to install the  Adobe Flash  Player into your default browser." I have the latest  version of Flash installed 10.something and am using Flash Builder 4 on  Windows 7. I've tried uninstalling Flash using the uninstaller in  C:/Windows/System32/Macromed/Flash/uninstall_plugin.exe and reinstalling  using C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\player\win\Install  Flash Player 10 Plugin.exe. Nothing has worked. I also restarted and  tried installing it again by running as an Administrator. I tried going  into the Flash Builder menu at  Window>>Preferences>>General>>Web Browser and tried  all combinations for Internal and External Web Browsers and Firefox and  Internet Explorer. I know this has been an issue for some people using  Flex 3.

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          SrinivasAnnam Adobe Employee



               FlashBuilder's start page is a SWF file and displayed using embedded browser provided by Eclipse. Whenever a browser window is opened inside Eclipse, irrespective of the system's default browser, Eclipse always opens only in "IE" on Windows.


               Since you have installed Plug-in version alone, Flash Player is still missing for IE. That is the reason why you are getting this error.


               Please install "ActiveX" version of Flash Player from the same folder and it should work fine after you restart Flash Builder.


               Let us know if this helps



          Srinivas Annam


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            Woopdedoo Level 1



            Before I posted this, my attempts at trying to fix this included installing everything inside that folder. While the plugin worked, the ActiveX install said something about it not being the latest version and to download it from the website. It then exited and I didnt't do anything further. Could you please direct me to a website where I can do this?


            Edit: I went to the Flash player download page and downloaded it for IE. I got the activex warning bar and installed dlm and installed Flash but got the same error as the installer located in the Flash Builder folder.


            I get this error even though I got the latest version plugin from the website mentioned.

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              Woopdedoo Level 1

              I found a solution: For anyone viewing this thread, the problem comes from a beta release of Flash player that is associated with cs5 in most cases, any un- or re-installation of the suite will leave this version on your computer. This only affected Internet Explorer for me, tho it might affect other browsers. Read this thread and find the post by 'eidnolb' and download the special uninstaller which will remove this and download the regular Flash player from adobes site.