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    Embed DNG Profiles into LR Catalog

    JW Stephenson Level 4

      This is a Lightroom 3 Request but I am posting it on Camera Raw forum as well.


      Since I seem to be collecting a bunch of DNG profiles, and am considering generating shoot specific profiles using the passport color checker (which in turn will generate even more profiles), it seems to me some organization of these profiles might make sense.  Two problems: (1) too many profiles in the combo box control of the Develop Module, and (2) if I delete a profile, accidently or on purpose but without thinking, the next time I visit any image that used that profile it resorts back to and Adobe ACR profile and thus the image is not what it was in its last state.


      To be more specific, as I test certain profiles (Untwisted for example), use a few, then later find something I like better so quit using the ones originally tested, I end up with a few images that used a profile I will never use again.  I would like to delete it if for no other reason but to reduce the number of profiles that pop-up when I am choosing a profile under Camera Calibration.  Since I have no way to sort for just those images I have no idea whether I actually used one of those but am fearful of deleting them because of the default ACR profile result.


      Possible Solution (Part 1):  This idea, which should be a big plus for the passport color checker crowd, would be to store the DNG profiles in use by a particular catalog in the catalog itself.  Whenever a new DNG profile is used by any image, add it to the catalog and from then on, read it from the catalog for rendering purposes (after loading into memory of course).  The files are tiny so this seems somewhat reasonable.  Then if any profiles were deleted from the Camera Raw directory of "Program Data" it would not impact existing images - it would only change the options for future applications of profiles as the profile selection combo box could still look to the Camera Raw directory for


      Possible Solution (Part 2):  The combo box selection of profiles to apply to new images, or to change existing images to, should be editable such that one can add any profile in the Camera Raw directory and in the catalog itself if embedded under Part 1 above and not existing in the Camera Raw directory.  Deleting from the combo box should allow you to either remove from the box only (default) or delete from the disk as well.


      Anybody else looking ahead to manage this potential mess?  Is there a way to do this already?  Thoughts ...