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    ANN: Free live DW CS5 workshop

    JoeLowery Level 2

      Hey all,


      I'll be hosting a live workshop on the new features in Dreamweaver CS5 tomorrow, Tuesday from 11 am to 12 noon PST. This online seminar is free and open to all.


      To register and get more details, visit http://esynctraining.com/index.cfm?event=events.detail&eid=dmcs5.


      Since my Dreamweaver CS5 Bible is now available - and I've got a box of don't-drop-em-on-your-toes author copies - I'll be giving away a copy during the workshop. You, of course, must be present to win.


      In addition to covering new features, we'll also have a touching fond farewell to the dear departed features no longer available in Dreamweaver CS5. No smoke monsters allowed.


      Hope to see you there!


      Best - Joe


      Joseph Lowery,

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