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    Capturestop Adobe Pr El 4.0

    AlfonsMallgan Level 1

      A week ago a capure problem occured using Adobe Pr. 4.0 for capturing from my Canon HV20-camera (DV-tape). When the captureprocess is about to start the message "Adobe has run into a problem and has to be closed" (my translation from the Swedish language) appears and then the program is closed. After using the program "Reimage repair" I can now let Windows Movie Maker capture film from the camera and create an output-avi.file which I then can use as an inputfil, without problems, in Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. But still Adobe Pr El 4.0 cannot capture the minidvtapefilm from the Canoncamera. Adobe is immediately closed winth the message quoted above. Reinstalling Adobe does not change this. The Canonsupport does not know what the problem might be. The computer has Windows XP Swedish Home Edition installed. What can be wrong with the Adobeprogram in relation with the camera?