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    Flex with separate webserver and app server


      I have a flex application built in Flex Builder. I set the BlazeDS server to point to an internal ip address. When I exported the build, I placed it on an IIS web server that has network access to where the BlazeDS server is and is also visible externally. I set the crossdomain.xml file on the BlazeDS server to allow all access (I know it is not secure, but I just want to eliminate that variable). I can make calls to remote objects when I run the flex app from the internal network. However, when trying to make calls to remote objects when accessing the app externally I get an error which says:


      faultCode = "Client.Error.MessageSend"
      faultDetail = "Channel.Security.Error error Error #2048: Security sandbox violation:


      endpoint = "http://<internal ip address>:<port>/blazeds/messagebroker/amf"




      I have set up the services-config.xml so that all AMF methods point to the internal ip address.

      My crossdomain.xml file is on the BlazeDS host (the internal ip) in the WEB-INF\root folder. Do I need to also place it on the webserver? I ran fire bug and it seems to be trying to retrieve the crossdomain.xml file using the ip address of the internal BlazeDS server which it cannot reach because it is not exposed to the world.


      So in summary, I have webserver with the flex app, then another separate machine with the BlazeDS app. The BlazeDS app is on an internal IP and I can't seem to make remote calls to it when accessing the flex app externally.