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    HTML view: Line breaks in <span> tags inside ordered/unordered lists

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      (using RH 8.0.2 on a RoboHelp HTML project originally created in X5)


      For some reason RoboHelp insists that some of the span tags in my ordered/unordered lists should have a line break after <span. I have tried editing the code both in HTML view and in the htm file itself (removing the line break and extra spaces using Notepad), but RoboHelp always reverts the edited span tag (i.e. inserts the line break again).


      I'm unable to detect a pattern as to where the line breaks manifests themselves.


      The code looks like this:


      <ol start="4" type="1">

                  <li class="p"><p>Dobbeltklikk på ønsket forekomst i oversikten <span

                  style="font-weight: bold;">Forekomster</span>. Dialogboksen <span

                  style="font-weight: bold;">Rediger forekomst</span> vises.</p></li>


      In Word, the the span tag looks like this: <span[space][linebreak][tab][space]style="font-weight: bold;">


      Can the <li class="p"><p> tags be the culprits? I tried editing these to a simple <li><p>, and for some reason this seems to remove the superfluous line break in the span tag. Although I can't see why. There are similar li/p tags where the span line break appears.


      My main reason for wanting to rid the code of the line breaks in the span tags, is for localization purposes. There are a number of variations of the span tags with linebreak, line feed, spaces and tabs. When translating with Trados/TagEditor, the translation software interprets each variation of a span tag as a separate tag, resulting in as many as 4 different types of bold tags. A common phrase such as "Click OK to continue." can therefore have 4 different variations due to bold tag variations. This dramatically reduces the leverage we get from our translation memories.


      Any input will be most welcome!

      Best regards,