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    Translucent logo sees white details take on colour of logo base.



      How should vector artwork be drawn in Freehand so that white details sitting over a blue base are still readable when alpha of e.g. 50% is applied in Flash 8 ?


      In Freehand 9 I created a logo. Logo has an rgb mix blue base rectangle and rgb white drawn shapes on top. I also drew over the text and gave it the rgb blue as a fill with line none. That sits on top of one of the white shapes.


      Layer palette:-

      Blue traced text

      White shapes

      Background blue box


      Save the file, then import to library in Flash 8

      Looks fine in library preview and when dragged to stage.

      Apply alpha 50% and the white details go faint leaving the blue box visible but fainter,

      What should happen, e.g. if it was a raster image, is that the logo would still retain the white details, the whole thing in unison would go fainter, the logo when over white would still have white details.  It should be a readable faint logo.


      Secondly those letters I drew from scratch are still a strong blue !  This is nuts ! Now PC's dont have a brain so it cannot be thinking hey these look like letters so lets make out they are truetype or postscript and not let the alpha value affect them ! They are simply drawn shapes like all the other bits, but filled with blue, so why dont they go faint like the blue background. Perhaps they have gone faint but then its laying these over the faint ble background and as such they get stronger in colour.


      I tried making all the artwork as one layer, using xtra>path operations>punch, punching out the white details into the blue base, like a pastry shape cutter !   It then didn't see the first character and still didnt when alpha was made 50%. I presume Flash doesnt recognise freehand punch command. Both progs made by Macromedia !


      Import to library has flatten layers checked, but I also put all the characters onto one layer in freehand just to test and still no better !


      This logo forms a watermark pattern with many of them across a large artwork, I presume vector is more friendly for file size and speed than a raster image.


      I converted it to psd and applied opacity in photoshop then imported the psd file, it thought about it for a while then in it came, and with the logo looking translucent with white details viewable, translucent and showing through the full colour of whatever the logo was laid over, as opposed to showing through the logo blue ! This though won't run as quick given the file size, or will it ?


      I did try importing a 100% opaque psd file but flash cant apply alpha to it !


      I need to know though why a simple white and blue freehand drawn logo sees the white vanish and the blue not do so.