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    "High Profile" MPEG 2 question

    pebalsamo Level 2

      OK, here is another question about the NewTek Tricaster recording profiles.  We have a Tricaster Broadcast which for those of you whom are not familiar with it is a live switching (6 inputs), streaming, recording computer.  It has two different profiles of MPEG 2 that it can record to.


      1)  Regular Profile –double bit-rate MPEG-2 (I-frame) encoding

      2)  Studio Profile – new double bit-rate 4:2:2 MPEG-2 (I-frame) encoding



      So I have done a few projects with it now and after the event we wanted to burn a DVD of the multi camera shoot without having to edit from tape.  First time we recorded with the Regular profile and I had some troubles getting the DVD to look right until I realized that this particular recording profile used Upper Field First and when I changed my MPEG 2 DVD file to UFF it looked fine, could be better though, so we started using the Studio Profile.


      First I have a heck of a time editing the Studio Profile recordings.  My computer just takes for ever to catch up if I try to scrub though.  Even if I just jump forward in the timeline 30 or 40 min it takes a while for the Program monitor to display the picture.  Sometimes if I skip forward and play the image in the Program monitor will be the same as where I jumped from, and if I hit the space bar the CTI will move and I will hear the audio but the image in the monitor will not change.  I am at home right now so I do not have all the specs on my computer handy but I am runnign XP Pro 64, 2.6 Ghz Core 2 Quad (I think it is 2.6), and 8 Gig's of Ram.  I edit a fair amount of AVCHD and it is easier to edit than this stuff.  Not a huge deal because really all I am doing is trimming up the beginning and the end.  My real question has to do with output to DVD though.  If I export the Timeline as MPEG 2 DVD, then use the NTSC High Quality preset, I changed the quality slider to 5 and Bit rate to CBR 8Mbps.  I burned the DVD with Encore and with any motion the there is the strange strobing/ghosting look to it.  If I go back into Premiere and right click on the timeline and go to Field Options and then check "Interlace Consecutive Frames" and export the DVD file with the same output settings as before the dvd looks good.


      So does anyone have any idea why it is working this way?


      When I get to my office I will post the settings I am using for the sequence.


      I am getting a usable DVD from it, but it just seems that there is something that I am doing wrong.  If there is anyway to get a part of one of these Studio Profile MPEG 2's to anyone to take a look at I would do it, I just do not know how I could do that.  All of these clips are 1.5 to 2.5 hours long.


      Thanks for any and all help.