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    .chm search doesn't search all merged projects

      Sorry -- I should have posted this to the RoboHelp HTML forum instead.....and now that's it's been posted, I don't know how to move it.... :(

      I'm using RoboHelp HTML X5.0.2, and I have one master project and 15 subordinate projects merged into it. I'm having problems getting the keyword search to work correctly in the compiled master .chm -- it doesn't return complete search results.

      A few facts:

      --When I generate a .chm for each subproject, I can successfully search for various keywords in each project -- the search functionality for the individual projects works correctly, returning a complete list of topics containing the keyword I've search for.

      --When I generate the .chm for the master project, I have verified that the .chm contains all the subordinate projects and all of their topics -- all of the data that should be searched is included in the master .chm.

      --When I attempt a keyword search from the master project, the search results contain only a partial list of topics that actually contain the keyword -- it seems as though the search functionality isn't actually searching all of the subprojects merged into the master project.

      --I have checked the project settings and windows for all the projects and verified that they're configured in the same way -- the Search tab and Advanced Search are enabled for the primary project and all subprojects.

      Any ideas what's going on?

      Thanks in advance for your help.