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      Hello all,

      I was scouting around in the RoboHelp help files and came across RoboLinker. I have never heard of this before. From what I read, it says I can create context sensitive help without developer input. This would be great for me since my developers are in western Ukraine and our comm lines are not the best. I've found a few bits of information on RoboLinker online, but I would like to ask any of the RoboHelp power users about this app. Has anyone used it, is it still available, is it worth it, does it help the help??? Any input would be appreciated.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jeff

          RoboLinker is (was) a product that never really took off. AFAIK, it was discontinued long ago. I believe one such "replacement", if you will, is a product called "LinkIt.

          You can see more about LinkIt by clicking this way cool and super handy link!

          Cheers... Rick
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            jeffch1970 Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            Thanks, I found LinkIt only seconds before I looked back at the message board. But I did click your way cool and super handy link out of gratitude for your response.


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              I don't know anything about RoboLinker or LinkIt but I do create context sensitive help without developer input. My developer is not in western Ukraine but right here in the same building but we never discuss CSH.

              The trick, such as it is, is to generate the .hh file using RoboHelp's BugHunter or HelpWorkshop and WordPad. We do this during product testing. It is a manual (i.e. tedious) process. With only a few hundred help links it works for us but we create software that needs to go through rigorous validation so we have the time to do it.