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    Error with acrobat in workspace

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      We have deployed Workspace ES2.  Our new desktops have acrobat 9 installed, but not Reader.  Workspace has operated without any issues for over 2 months for our limited number of users.  Yesterday, I opened a PDF form outside of workbench inside acrobat.  I then edited the form and it launched designer for me to view the edit layout of the form.  I did not change the form.  I then closed the form and exited Acrobat.  That form remained on my desktop and was NOT imported into workbench or any application in LiveCycle.  I then logged into workspace to open a completely different form and I see a new error message that I have never encountered before: "Warning.  You must install Adobe Reader to view this form.  Would you like to install it now?"  I select "no" and I cannot view the form.  Our end users will not be able to install reader separately, everyone has acrobat.


      All other identical machines can view workspace and forms just fine.  I opened a ticket with Enterprise Support and they are asking me to reinstall Acrobat to fix the issue.  I am not convinced this is the issue, although it could be.  I can correctly open PDFs from my filesystem as well as from a web page.  It opens acrobat just fine. 


      Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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          Check to see if you have Reader installed also and uninstall if so.  Also, if any of these machines PREVIOUSLY had reader installed, then you need to clean up the old installations.  Esp the DLL assocaited with the web plug-in.  See below article.  If after removing all references to Reader doesn't work, then reboot and do a Repair on Acrobat.  If that doesn't work, then uninstall/reinstall Acrobat.  That worked for me.



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            I finally found a solution to this problem and I can now access pdf forms in LiveCycle Workspace - YES


            I followed this guide to an solution:

            http://forums.adobe.com/thread/391736?start=200&tstart=0  =topic 205!


            I found out that my registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe"  was 2734 KB!! on my normal user that got the error in Workspace.

            I have an admin user and when I exported the same registry key it was only 75 Kb. My admin user did not have the error in workspace.


            The registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe" for my normal user account was holding all kind of outdated settings from my 9 years in the company. I deleted all keys for products and versions no longer installed/used.

            *Remember backup before you start deleting*


            I then saved and restarted the PC. I logged in to my normal user account. I then open workspace and was able to open a pdf form



            I hope this solution can help a lot of people outthere. I spend almost a full day to find a solution so happy to share


            Thomas Groenbaek

            Jyske Bank