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    Preventing Reader from Adding to Hyperlinks?




      I'm hoping someone knows how to prevent this particular action in Adobe Reader.  I have to use Crystal Reprots for stats at work and, occassionally, the reports have to include hyperlinks to external files on the company network.


      When I export the reports to Word, Excel or HTML the links work.  However, when I export to pdf and open with Adobe Reader v9, there's extra directories added to the beginning of the hyperlink.  Obviously, this makes the links point somewhere completely non-existant.


      The link should point to something like \\thygh-7\ww_c_cu\cls\124589.wav but it's being amended to file:///c|/docs_and_sets/cc/\\thygh-7\ww_c_cu\cls\124589.wav by adobe reader.


      It seems to be some sort of default behaviour, but I can't find anything in the options to stop it (i've already unchecked the Create Links from URLs box in Preferences).


      Anyone any ideas?


      Help would be greatly appreciated!

      - Katie