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    Adobe Illustrator import problems


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to import my Illustrator design file into Catalyst. The problem I encounter is the fact that several layers won't import.

      I've unlocked all layers, made them all visible but I still encounter the same problem.


      My Illustrator .Ai design file consists of 62 layers. Catalyst roughly imports only 20 of them (1 to +/- 20). I've tried all options, but none seem to help.


      Anyone encountered the same problem? Or has a solution?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Ninjakirby Level 1

          I finally found a way to import my layers. I just made a new Illustrator file and I pasted all my 62 layers into the default "Layer 1" of the new Illustrator file. Afterwards I just imported the "Layer 1" (now with my 62 original layers as sub-layers in Layer 1) and somehow Catalyst accepted it.


          The (big!) downfall was of course the fact that my whole structure was gone, it was 1 big 'ol layer right now. In Catalyst I had to define the layers and sub-layers again. A really tedious job, and I suppose there is an easier way of solving this problem.

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            62 layers should not cause import failure. I'm glad you were able to proceed but the team would like to look at the file. Could you attach it?



            Ian Giblin

            Catalyst QE

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              Ninjakirby Level 1

              Certainly. How can I attach it?

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                i_giblin Level 1

                You can go to go to Acrobat.com <http://Acrobat.com> , log-in, click Upload (your zipped file), then click the file and choose Share, then type igiblin@adobe.com

                Your file will only be used for testing purposes. It will not be shared outside of Adobe.




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                  Ninjakirby Level 1

                  I shared both the Illustrator design file and the Catalyst file.

                  I hope your team can perform successful tests with it.



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                    i_giblin Level 1


                    Thanks for taking the time to share the file. Here is what I found...

                    The Illustrator file is 40.6 MB.

                    Catalyst has a file size limit of 40MB...


                    For some reason instead of just presenting the dialog "This file exceeds the 40MB limit" Catalyst allowed it in but dropped two of the layers. I'm not sure why yet (that is a bug and it will be reported.)


                    In looking through the comp in Illustrator I found that it had 7 images. Several of them had resolutions over 1000 PPI and one was even over 3500 PPI. That can easily happen when you are importing images and scaling them down for design reasons. While you could optimize them in Catalyst after import (choose Optimize Artwork>Compress in Catalyst's HUD) it is often easier to do it in Illustrator. The best thing to do is use Save for Web (the images can be significantly smaller than just rasterizing them) but rasterizing at 72 ppi is better than nothing. You may need to turn on Background>Transparent.


                    When I did this in your file with the seven images and then resaved from Illustrator it dropped from 40.6 MB to 1.2 MB and imported just fine in Catalyst.


                    Not sure if you'd be interested but I gave a talk at MAX last year on structuring comps for Catalyst, it has a lot of little tips ...

                    http://tv.adobe.com/watch/max-2009-design/structuring-ui-design-comps-for-use-in-flash-cat alyst


                    Ian Giblin

                    Catalyst QE

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                      Ninjakirby Level 1

                      It is pretty awkward Flash Catalyst did not bring up the warning indeed, I did not know there where restrictions on the files. What I forgot to mention two posts ago was the fact that I saved all my images as 'Save for Web' and reduced the file to 2,8 MB, similar to yours. After the file size reduction Catalyst imported the Illustrator design file for me as well.


                      In any way, this solves the problem. Thanks for the help, and the link with the tips.