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    Application error - an exception unknown software exception occurred


      I have a big big problem with Robohelp HTML X5.0.1.
      I have created a project of about 100 Mb size.
      First, it takes a lot of time to open (but I have read on an other message that this is not abnormal so I can live with it!) but my big problem is that Robo crashes quite often when I modify the project.

      I have noticed that this happens when I delete words of return-carriage mark ("ENTER" marks). I can delete 1, 2 sentences and then when I delete the 3d : it crashes.
      I get the error "RoboHelp HTML - My project : RoboHTML.exe - Application error : The exception unknown software exception (0xc000001e) occurde in the application at location 0x039d8c5c. Click on OK to terminate the program. Click on CANCEL to debug the program."
      I then click on "OK" and I receive a second message : "The instruction at "0x0a60e257" referenced memory at "0x00000011". The memory could not be "read". "
      I click on "OK" and RoboHelp closes and I lose the work I have done so far .
      I have already:
      - desinstalled the software by following the procedure described on this website (diving into Regedit...);
      - re-installed the software a lot of times (about 5 times!);
      - I have desactivated the "background running programs" such as my anti-virus software;
      ... and I still get the same application error.
      Please help me!