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    Converting to mpeg with Flash MX4 professional


      Hello peops! ,


      I have been searching for a few days and I'm tired! So I thought

      I would resort to the forum here for an answer. I am using

      Flash MX4 professional on a Mac with Mac OS 10.3.9. I can't

      seem to find the answer to convert a swf. file to a flv. or further

      yet to a mpeg. I have tried to publish and export, but get the

      error message, (version of quicktime doesn't have handler).

      I have tried to export and publish to lower flash 5. I have

      tried to export and publish to QT 6.5, but can't export to mpeg.

      And I found ffmpegx. to try and extract mov. file to flv.- mpeg.

      ff doesn't recognize mov. file from flash. I have found many

      conversions to flv. file for Mac OS 10.4 and later, but none

      for Mac OS 10.3.9. I am stumped! If anyone has an answer

      please share it!