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    pdf file gets huge when attached to an e-mail


      A very strange problem. Yesterday, I received an e-mail with a pdf attachment that was 10MB.  When I saved the attachement to a fold, it became 9.6kb.  I created a new e-mail and attched the smaller saved version of the pdf.  It showed as 10MB in the e-mail.  The same thing happened to another e-mail pdf attachment that I received this morning.  I even inserted an older pdf file from my computer into a new e-mail.  Same thing.  This is making it very difficult to send e-mails with pdf attachment, as they are too large for some to receive.  the sender of the original e-mail is also seeing it in the sent e-mail as 10 MB.


      I have windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP 3;  Acrobat reader 9.3