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    Brush Grouping / Dividers / Sections


      When I boot up photoshop rather then opening each brush pack individually I just keep them all open. As you might guess, this makes my brush window huge; sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to locate a specific brush.


      I think it would be very benificial to have a set up in the brush menu similar to how groups are set up in the layers menu. You make a  "group/section/divider" then, when in the preset manager be able to drag brushes in to the groups. This could also be applied to patterns as well.


      Just a simple suggestion I know would make a lot of peoples lives much easier (it doesn't seem like it would be too hefty on the programming side either).


      If it has been suggested already, I apologize.


      Edit: After digging a little further in depth I found that there have been some suggests made. I really liked HitsujiKinno's tagging idea (that could also be applied to fonts as well). I do also think simple dividers would do the trick as well.


      I also saw someone mention to just use the preset manager. HitsujiKinno also made a good point that after a point it gets hard to even determine what brush pack you are looking for (they do pile up). I also don't think that saving brush packs is the most effective method that could be used.