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      Hi guys,

      can one of you gifted people impart some knowledge on me please :)

      basically I am doing some html for my eBay listing. I have created a table with 1 column and 2 rows. On the first row I have about 5 words, and in the row below the corresponding text.

      What I want is to link the 5 different words to 5 different bodies of text. So for example. one of the words is 'paymet'. When someone clicks on it, the text in the second row changes to the information on payment. Can I do this with a table, and if not, how can I achieve this? Ideally, I don't want the whole page to have to refresh as it is an eBay listing, just the body of text in the second row to change when a link word is clicked.

      Also, how do I fix it so that the links aren't that blue colour, and do not change to purple when they are clicked.

      Please ask me if you need any further info, and many, many thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me.

      Kind regards,

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          not sure if ebay allows you to do this but I know it can be done with javascript.
          You could do this but you can do it with hidden areas of text in divs and then when a person clicks on the text the div opens. I would go the second options since it is fairly easy.
          Do a seach on adobe for how to make a hidden div, there are a ton of examples.