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    Having a Strange build issue.  Looking for suggestions`


      I have ran into a strange issue and I was hoping for some suggeestion on how to attack the problem.   Here is the environment.


      1)  We develop locally using Flex Builder.

      2)  We use QuickBuild with FlexMojo 3.4.2 for test builds and production

      3)  In both cases we don't believe optimization is enabled.


      What we are seeing is some strange behavior relating to the Ctrl-Enter key when doing testing on IE only in our test environment but not locally. By copying some files over locally I have narrowed the issue down to swf files differences.    We do see a difference in the size of swf files in our test environment vs our local environments.


      Couple things that would help me in troubleshooting would be.


      1)  Is there a way to know what exactly is in the SWF file?   What SWCs are included.

      2)  How does one compare compile settings between a maven mojo configuration and Flex IDE envioronment?


      Any thoughts or opinions would be very helpful.