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    Akamai Download Manager deleted...


      I deleted Akamai Download Manager after installing Premiere Elements 8. This has proved to be a big mistake! Later, when I tried to download the additional content, the download just hung. It appears that the Download Manager won't reload for whatever reason. Does anyone have any ideas?

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          Sure, no sweat - here are the direct download links for many Adobe products, mostly CS5 but we also added Photoshop Elements 8 and Premiere Elements 8 at the bottom (in the comments section)...  These can be of assistance if you're having problems with the Akamai Download Manager - hope they help!

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            KarenStore Adobe Employee

            Direct HTTP download links are also now available in your store download area as "Alternate Download Method" right below the download manager links.


            This is enabled for the Flex version of the store and will be enable shortly for the HTML version of the store (for those users that don't have the latest Flash Player installed).


            If you want to clean out you download manager installation and start over, here are the cleanup steps depending on what browser you were using:


            Firefox Java applet version cleanup

            On Windows, Java applets are cached by JRE and are accessible through the Java or Java Plug-In Control Panel. To clear the cache and remove the Akamai Download Manager, do the following:


            Open the Java or Java Plug-In Control Panel.

            In the General or Cache tab, click View.

            (General tab only) In the Show: Combo box, select Resources.

            Delete files with the format dlm-java-****.jar.


            Clear history of any partially downloaded files:

            Delete the contents of folder below using the command prompt

            C:\Documents and Settings\<user profile>\Application Data\Download Manager


            Internet Explorer ActiveX version cleanup

            1. Delete all these files from "c:\windows\Downloaded Program files\

            DownloadManagerV2.inf, DownloadManagerV2.ocx, Manager.exe

            (please do this via command line available via the Start menu then Run, type 'cmd'

            2. Delete all the contents of this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\<user profile>\Application Data\Download Manager

            3. Clear out the browser cache and history