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    how to keep 16:9 ratio


      Hye everybody.

      Firts of all excuse my english, i'm french... i'm gonna do my best.

      Well, i have a project with dvpal widscreen rush : 720x576, (1,4587)

      When i export the sequence, i choose the 16/9 dvpal in parameters.

      The result is that players like VLC or Windows Media Player read the file with the good 16/9 ratio.

      However Quicktime or Media Player Classic read the file withe an extended image 4/3 as if it was keeping the native 720x576.

      I know that whit these players it's very easy to put it in the good ratio, but this video is for a client, and i'd like it to be simply ok from the start with nothing to change when reading.

      What are the parameters to keep definitively the good ratio ?

      Thanks a lot !