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    Exporting embedded images without resizing.

    Niles Ridgeman Level 1

      An old illustrator conundrum that I thought I’d see if anyone has any new solutions to. Perhaps it’s something CS5 has changed.


      When you have an embedded image in (for example) an EPS file, and you want to get that image out of illustrator and into photoshop, but you want there to be no resampling, what do you do?

      I.e. one pixel equals one pixel, no more no less.


      The only reliable way I’ve found is to try and scale the image so that the “Link Information” reads that the scale is 100% x 100% and then exporting it at 72 dpi, with something lossless (or copy and paste to PS).


      The downside is that the math involved is devilishly hard (at least it is for me, perhaps I wasn’t paying attention that day in school).

      No idea what the multiplier would be to get 20.935 up to 100 (4 point something).


      I’d love to find a better solution. Or an equation I suppose. Ideas anyone?