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    Loss of focus when a chart updates

      Hello all!,

      I am using a tab navigator to display a preferences tab, and three other tabs which are basically reports/graphs. In a basic test I have a tab which changes start and end dates, and a tab showing a graph that is reading data form a php xml (e4x) page that is called when the dates are changed. Now... the app loads with the preferences tab active. If I change the date.... then view the lineChart tab... then go back to the preferences tab.....and then change the date again.... Once the data is loaded, the content of the preferences tab changes to that of the linechart tab. (Without any code to change the focus... and without the linechart tab being shown as active.)

      Does this sound like a bug? Or do I need to somehow override a redraw function that is called when the data is loaded for the linechart? Let me know if I need to put up some code.

      Thanks ahead of time!