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    Apply Twixtor/Timewarp on many clips already stretched?


      So I have a project that has literally over 200 shots, one after the other at about 66% speed (slower by 34%), which I have done by right-clicking and changing the "speed/duration".


      I'm using CS5 and so my Premiere did not have the Timewarp effect, else I would have used that.  As an alternative I use Twixtor, which for my purposes is used exactly the same way as I would use Timewarp.  Anyway, I want instead to change from using the "speed/duration" to change my clips speed, to use the Twixtor to slow it down (by the same amount).


      However, this would mean I would have to individually go to Every clip, and change "speed/duration" to 100% and then pull it to the desired length (since changing the speed back to normal shortens the clip), and then apply Twixtor to 66%.  I have 200 clips, and there's no way I'm doing this for all of them.  I know some of you might say I should have used Twixtor from the beginning but I dind't even know about it, and that's besides the point.


      Is there anyway, given what I have already done, to make this process easier?  Thank you so much for your time.  Windows 7, 64 bit, CS5.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Probably the easiest way to "reset" everything would be to take the first Clip, and change the Speed/Duration setting to 100%, and then Rt-click and choose Copy. Now, Select all of the other Clips, and then Rt-click, choosing Paste Attributes to set them to 100%.


          Add the Twixtor Effect and adjust to your desired setting. Repeat the above to Copy/Paste Attributes to the others.


          Maybe someone else will have a more elegant, and simpler method.


          Good luck,