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    Saving image locally (without server)


      I would like to save user's drawing to image file e.g. BMP, JPGE.

      I have done the drawing part, but cannot do the saving part.

      I have looked around and only found way to
      print the drawing
      save(or reconstruct) via PHP by using BitmapData class

      later method seem fit my need, but I want it pure stand-alone application, not connect to any server.

      My question is:
      Are there any method can save the "apperaence/outlook" of a movie clip without connect to server?

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          If its a standalone application you could do it with a third party projector tool (or in as3 with Adobe's AIR). The regular flash projector won't give you the possibility to do this.

          If its in a web page, then you can't save an arbitrary file locally . You have to do it via download from the server.

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            soft903 Level 1
            Thanks for reply.

            It is a stand-alone application and I don't want user to install anything more than the application.

            Having a quick look on AIR (I never heard that before), seem it requires installation.
            (Correct me if I were wrong)

            So I have to find a projector tool that can save as image file. (Hope I can get something cheap or even FREE.)

            Thanks again
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              The only one I know of for free is haxe/screenweaver/neko and I don't know much about it, sorry. I think it requires an additional virtual machine, but I don't know if its part of the install for whatever it generates as an 'application' or if its a separate install like AIR.
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                soft903 Level 1

                I have a look on ScreenWeaver, and it seems too complicated for me.

                I'm trying another way: Using VB.
                Idea is passing the BitmapData, which is each pixel color information, to VB and VB reconstruct the data in Bitmap format pixel by pixel.
                Hope it can be done.

                If I success, I would post few coding for others want to do something like me

                Thanks again