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    Does Flex/Flash Builder allow me to do this?


      Hi, I have a scrolling gallery element that I built in Flash and then imported to catalyst as part of my website. (I'm an artist who is self-taught in the realm of web-building and maintain my own site.)  When I add new images, I end up opening my .fxp file in catalyst and then take that flash element back in Flash and add images, and then export the whole thing as a .swf and then update that file for my site.


      Can using flex/flash builder some how stream line my process where I am instead updating data. i.e. adding new images to a database, which then gets pulled in?

      Also I have text fields that require frequent updating, it would be much easier to simply update a document that gets pulled into the final output.


      Mainly I'm confused on the purpose of flex and flash builder, and am just wondering if it is something I should know in a limited way to make things easier.


      Or is there a much easier way to do this all within catalyst without the round-trip to flash? Should this be a "datalist?"


      if you want to see what I'm working with you can visit my site:


      the gallery component is reached by clicking on either of the two circles on the lower left after entering the main page.


      Thanks, Tim