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    cs5 capture error \src\timecode.cpp-995

    the dark baron

      I've been seeing this error around for a while with no solutions it seems, I'm hoping I just missed something obvious:

      Whenever I try to capture footage in any project the capture window freezes and premiere says


      Premiere Pro debug event

      Premiere pro has encountered an error



      then crashes. When I say try to capture I mean even opening the capture window causes this.

      A Little while ago I captured an hdv project no problem. time passes, no changes to software or system, and I attempt to capture DV from my Gl2 through firewire by going to File>capture. the window begins to open but is blank and I get the above error and crash. This happens whether or not I have the camera on or off, or the cable not plugged in at all.  I Can't even get to the point where it says It cant find the camera. This is happening no matter what format I create a new project in.


      I've tried reinstalling, getting rid of background processes, turning capture device control on and off.

      OnLocation's capture works just fine so luckily I can still work.


      I'm running Windows 7 pro x64

      intel i7 975, 4gb ram, nvidia gtx 280m

      I know theres more info im supposed to provide. I found a list somewhere in the help and support area by mistake earlier and now I can't find it again, sorry.