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    Standard 8mm film to 30fps - Pre8


      I'm using Pre 8 so that's why I'm  posting to this forum. If there is a better forum please let me know.


      I have many  reels of std 8mm film that has been converted to DV as .avi file. The  attributes of the video portion of the .avi are:

      ID                               : 0
      Format                            : DV
      Format_Commercial_IfAny          : DVCPRO
      Codec  ID                         : dvsd
      Codec ID/Hint                    :  Sony
      Duration                         : 55mn 29s
      Bit rate  mode                    : Constant
      Bit rate                         :  24.4 Mbps
      Width                            : 720 pixels
      Height                            : 480 pixels
      Display aspect ratio             : 4:3
      Frame rate  mode                  : Constant
      Frame rate                       :  29.970 fps
      Standard                         : NTSC
      Color  space                      : YUV
      Chroma subsampling               :  4:1:1
      Bit depth                        : 8 bits
      Scan  type                        : Interlaced
      Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                : 2.357
      Stream size                      : 11.2 GiB (97%)


      I have  beent old that I need to convert the frame rate to the original frame  rate of the 8mm film, which I don't know.


      In viewing the DVD NTSC Standard  output most of the video doesn't look bad but some frames are blurred  especially when the camera is moving and some frames appear to jump  (missing a frame or two)  from time to time.


      The questions I have are:

      1.  Is there anything that can be done in PRE 8 to make the video better?

      2.  If not are there other programs that would help?

      3. Or is this as  good as it gets?


      Thanks for you help.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          The three common FPS setting for older 8 mm film will be 16, 18 or 24 FPS. The first two are for silent, and the last is likely to only be for footage with sound.


          I would have the company doing the telecine work (converting the original film to digital) to adjust for this, and record to a miniDV tape, that you could then Capture in PrE. They will be able to adjust things to match the FPS rate of your footage, and will use the proper pull-down to get very close to what you will need for a digital Project.


          Good luck,



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            dennisbthomas Level 1


            Thanks for the quick reply.


            They did record the 8mm film to a DV tape, which is created the .avi file from.

            In fact, they are the ones that mentioned about changing the frame rate.


            So I think I will call them tomorrow to see what they did, if anything, during the conversion process regarding frame rate.


            Thanks again,


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Most telecine houses will correct this for you, when they do their work. I hope that this house did such for you, as it can solve the FPS issues.


              Good luck,




              PS - if you are satisfied with their results, once this issue is handled, do not hesitate to post their link. I have several telecine houses, but some are now gone from the scene, and more are likely to follow, as film goes by the wayside. Thanks!

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Dennis, please do not double-post the same question. It's very confusing.


                It looks as if others have posted additional responses to your second posting of this same question.

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                  dennisbthomas Level 1

                  Hi Steve,

                  Sorry about double posting and the confusion!.


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                    Anthony Abegglen Level 1

                    One of my companies main lines of work is transfer of 16mm , super8 and 8mm film for the ad industry  ,here in my country, the best result we found to do the transfer for 8mm is using a veriable speed Emig mark8 projector via old panasonic telecine convertor  and funny thing of all using a SVHS camera /M9000 or MS4 into the NLE using MS DV avi and then sharpen by about 5 to 8 for best result.The second best way was diong back projection on to a traceing paper and getting the picture as small as possible. hope this helps