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    Editable Datagrid Column


      I have to make a datagrid column editable during runtime based on the data. If the column has a specific data then the column should not be editable otherwise it should be editable. Can we do it in flex ? please show some pointers.

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          I don't have any examples , but you should probably have a custom itemrenderer for your datagrid which contains a textarea. In the itemrenderer should override set data( value:Object ):void.  In that function you check a condition to see if the textarea "editable" value should be set to true or false.  Below I have some pseudo-code.




          override public function set data( value:Object ):void


            if( object.decidingValue > 0  )


               TnA.editable = false;




               TnA.editable = true;




          <s:TextArea id="TnA" />




          or you could just put the code in the TextArea declaration



          <s:TextArea id="TnA" editable="{data.decidingValue > 0}" />


          (TextInput area is probably more appropriate than a textarea , but the logic is the same )


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            Flex_ Level 1

            Thanks for the response.


            The editable property did not work .. but enable="false" worked