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    Prmiere Slideshow


      I have 100 photos that I need to put into a slideshow through premiere.  I just have a question about the output quality.  I will be playing this mainly on a projector through my laptop (and eventually, on an HD TV).  The photos were taken on a DSLR camera at 3504x2336.  I just want the highest quality export possible.


      But I noticed that the aspect ratio of the photos is different than the video export settings.  I can't crop these pictures (they are portraits), so when I resize them, they will still have the 3:2 aspect ration.  Will this affect the quality of the output video?  If I get it close to the 16:9 aspect ratio, is that good enough?  What settings should I use in premiere to get the best possible output.  I really don't care about black bars on the sides, as long as the video is crystal clear. 

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          shooternz Level 6

          Your images will only be as "crystal clea"r as the resolution of your playback or display device.


          Video kind of works in a "fixed resolution" unlike  print media  or a photograph.


          Set up your project to match your display/playback device.


          It will pay to down rez your photos in another application to match the PPRO sequence before you import them.


          There are alternative apps to make Slide shows.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I would set up your Project to match the output of your projector, as Craig suggests. I would also Scale your images in Photoshop (or similar), to match that Frame Size. This ARTICLE will give you tips on automating that Scaling process. Note: I used the SD DV Project pixel x pixel dimensions, but your Project will be HD, so just use the figures from your projector as your guide.


            As for your portrait images, this TUTORIAL might prove useful.


            Good luck,