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    Importing a movie into Captivate

    VaughnByrd21 Level 1

      I need to import a movie into Captivate. I've tried .avi and .swf....flv works great, but the finished .swf file will be placed into an LMS shell, so I won't be able to reference the external .flv file.


      The .avi file, when published in Captivate to a .swf, is choppy and the audio is off. I tried changing the frame rate, but it didn't help.


      When I converted the .avi to a .swf file, placed it into Captivate and published it, the resulting .swf opened for a couple of seconds then crashed, or closed, or whatever. I just get a blank screen for a couple of seconds, then nothing.


      Please advise re: the best movie format to place into Captivate. I can convert the .avi to any format.


      Thanks, mp