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    OCZ Memory Chips--Any Thoughts?


      Hi Everyone,... I'm building my first computer for heavy editing and AE effects--going as high-end as I can on everything because I want to be able to future-proof it as much as possible, starting with:


      ASUS Rampage III Extreme Motherboard  with an i7 980x.


      I want 24gb of memory... found a really cheap price ($700) on OCZ's  OCZ3G1333LV4G Gold 4GB PC10666 DDR3 Memory Kit...

      But the cheap price in comparison to the other makers made me a little worried... why the big difference?  I couldn't find any reviews online.


      Is this a good quality memory?  The timings are not as fast as others at 9-9-9-20--is that going to make a lot of difference?


      Any experiences with this company?  I've been reading the posts here and getting some very good recommendations--special thanks to Harm for all your great advice!! 



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          That is a great price for 24 GB. You already mentioned the timings as a drawback, but for the price it sure looks like a very sweet deal. OCZ has a good reputation and there are no alternatives I am aware of in this price range.

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            321 rollem Level 1

            Just test with Memtest HCI before you do your editing.  I'd be very surprised if you don't have 1 bad stick or couple of sticks.  RAM is usually the weakest part of a system and are prone to degredation over time.  For example.  I had a DDR2 1000 kit that would run 500fsb or 1:1 ration without any problems until about 8 months later.  Then before I sold them, I was only able to ensure 800MHz or 400fsb at 1.8v and


            apparenty the page isn't letting me "Insert link"  but it's memtest HCI - http://hcidesign.com/memtest/download.html


            Memtest HCI > Memtest86


            You can still use Memtest86 or the Windows Memory diagnostic tools to cross check HCI but use other tests like LinX


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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I would advise against Memtest and instead to use Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool which is far better.

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                321 rollem Level 1

                Memtest HCI will catch errors sooner than Memtest86 will.  But for the sake of ensuring your kit is solid you can always use Memtest86 though.


                In my experience.  That DDR2 1000 kit was good 8 months later when testing with Memtest86. During that time, was able to run Memtest86 for hours upon hours and not find errors.  But what I couldn't figure out was why Unreal Tournament III would crash.  Sure enough, 30% into Memtest HCI and errors were found. This is just my example of what turned me away from Memtest86.  99% of the people I've chatted with on other forums agree that HCI is better, I finally had to agree.


                If you don't believe me, go ask on forums like ExtremeSystems, Anandtech... I am not here to continue arguing with Harm about which is better, just use both.



                Good Luck OP, just be sure to test your kit.

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                  Baz R Level 3

                  hi, what company you get the price for the RAM, as very good

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                    JCschild Level 3

                    personally i wouldnt touch OCZ. but thats a crazy price for 24Gig.


                    thats hundreds below my cost (well the Mushkin 1333 i sell).

                    checking my vendors that price for the OCZ is right at my cost so still a good price.






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                      Druyan Level 1

                      Thanks, guys!


                      I will definetely test the memory, as you have suggested!


                      I think I'd be crazy not to do the 24gb at that price, considering that's less than $200 more than 12gb, even though the 12gb may be a higher quality.

                      I found it on Tiger Direct for that price, and they have a 30-day return policy, and OCZ warrants their memory for 12 months-- so even if I get this memory to last for one year, the prices may have fallen by then if I need to buy a new set of chips.


                      At this point, while doing the build, I think it's wiser to use the money saved on the OCZ mem to get a really good RAID controller and discs.


                      If everything else on my build is top-of-line, super-speed, with no bottle-necks anywhere, etc.-- do you think I will notice a real difference using the slower timings of these chips (9-9-9-20)?  Or, are we talking just seconds, here?


                      Thanks again!

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                        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                        9-9-9-20 are outside the normal Jedec spec timings. In the DDR3 world those type of timings have been problematic at best. If you want stability run those at 9-9-9-24 and you should be ok. Just a heads up since they may work at 20 but my experience with OCZ says doubtfull at best.

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                          Druyan Level 1

                          Thanks for the heads up... are there any downsides to changing the timings the manufacturer sets for their chips? What are the effects of doing so?

                          If I try to run them at 20 to begin with, what sypmtoms will I have if there is a timing problem?

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            My OCZ memory (1333) runs at 1500 speed with 6-7-7-16 timings (which is not standard, standard is 7-7-7-20 @ 1333) without any problems, even after a full night of MemTest86+ and Prime95 torture testing. Maybe I'm lucky, each set of sticks may be slightly different, just like CPu's when overclocking, but the best way to tell is to try and test.

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                              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                              All DDR3 Ram modules are programmed with standard Profiles of which 9-9-9-24 is for DDR3 1333. Many manufacturers also add a second profile that is more aggressive and they have supposedly tested and verified with those sticks before they package and ship. The problem is their testing is often not accurate. They often test only on 1 board and may or may not have updated that bios. Much of the problems people are having with DDR3 now  have to do with  the IC on the modules and the sub-timings the bios on each board are implementing. That set may work great on the 1 board OCZ is testing and then not work at all with those timings on most other boards. Go look in Asus's forums about ram detection issues and ram disappearing and you will see. Do a search on Google about the same issues and look in the Ram Manufacturer's forums. You will see these issues all over the place. The issues vary from 2 or 3 sticks of ram not detecting when the bios boots up sometimes to sticks of ram testing fine individually in memtest and then failing randomly in the tests when you have more than 2 sticks in. Allot of the problems have to do with how the bios reads from the IC's on the sticks. This means 1 run of DDR3 runs great on Harm's board, but the next run might have new IC's on them due to cost and those wont hardly run at all.


                              What this means to you. You can run the 9 9 9 24 and you are still running OCZ's timings. You are just running the standard Jedec timings that all ram has profiled for that speed. You can also run the 9 9 9 20 timings and you are running what OCZ also programmed the sticks for. Mind you if you dont catch issues with those timings before you install your OS then you may corrupt the OS while you install it. Then you will have nothing but problems to deal with down the road as your OS throws up random errors due to the original corruption. That corruption can also get worse over time until it fails. The way to catch it is Memtest the system atleast 4 runs with all of the sticks in the system. Then shut the system down. Flip the switch on the PSU to the 0 and pull the power. Wait 5 minutes then plug and turn things back on and start the memtest over for 4 or 5 runs. Ideal would be wait with the power off overnight to really make sure your not having the detection issues but 5 mins will catch it most of the time. That will help eliminate running into issues with the ram sticks causing corruption.

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                                Druyan Level 1

                                Thanks so much for the detailed reply!  ... Kinda just makes me want to go out an buy a Dell... (slight chuckle)

                                No, I'll be strong and stick with it...!  (no pun intended)

                                Thanks again for all the advice!