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    Design mode: Defintion of xxxxx not found

      I am getting a "Design mode: Definition of xxxxx not found" warning in the Flex Builder when trying to use a component which was defined in a separate library. In the library project properties, in the Flex Libray Build Path pane the component is selected on the Class tab and in the Flex Library Compiler pane the namespace URL (" http://www.mycompany.com/framework") and manifest file are specified. The manifest file is as below:

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <component id="FormInput" class="com.mycompany.framework.forms.FormInput"/>

      The component is defined in ActionScript as below:

      package com.mycompany.framework.forms
      import mx.controls.Label;

      public class FormInput extends Label

      public function FormInput()


      When the FormInput component is added to a Form in an mxml component being created in a separate library the FormInput component is added and an appropriate namespace is added to the Form however Flex Builder displays the warning shown above. In Source mode the properties of the FormInput component appear properly but the component does not display properly in Design mode.

      Can anyone please suggest how to correct this problem?