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    conditionalized text and abutting variables

      The content uses two variables: " institution" and " campus."
      All text regarding campuses needs to be conditionalized.

      For the most part, I've had complete success with conditionalizing text that includes variable(s). The problem comes in when there is another variable before or after the text that I select for the condition. For example, if I try to conditionalize " /campus" in the phrase "institution/campus" the condition also grabs the institution variable. Or, if the phrase is "feature is available for institution and campuses." when I conditionalize " and campuses" the condition also grabs "institution."

      The grab doesn't occur when the condition is initially entered. In the topic content, the change occurs when I switch between wysiwyg and truecode. When the condition is set in expanded text, it looks fine. Close the expanded text and then reopen it, and the condition has grabbed the neighboring variable.

      I'm using Robohelp HTML 6.
      For now, I'm rewriting the text. But is there a solution?
      Thank you.